ecstatically loving the high priestess within

Oshun and Yemaya all up and through my reading asking me to examine how I show love to myself. Is it a love of condition and requirement, or one of freedom and infinite passion?

What might it mean to seek ecstasy for ourselves?


The love we give to ourselves shouldn’t be one of distance and propriety. It isn’t some abstract thought or idea far-fetched and unreachable knowable only in the mind. It should be an earthy warm sensual thing felt body deep and life-givingly fed by water.

Alexis Pauline Gumbs writes, love is lifeforce. So how do you give yourself life?


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looking back. looking forward.

So the one good thing we have going for us as teachers (besides the fulfillment of raising up young minds, yada yada yada) is summer break. We are guaranteed a good two months off  work during peak holiday season. Anyway, my first year teaching high school just came to a close and it’s been a hell of a  ride. On a whim, newly downloaded tarot app in phone, I pulled a spread asking about the energies around my work life now that I’m finally coming to a pause. I still a bit stunned at the accuracy.


Past, Present, Future spread from The Golden Thread Tarot app

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Libra’s Tarotscope Story Unfolding

Dear Libra, are you paying attention to your story unfolding this year?
As I’ve been writing Libra’s tarotscope for each season so far this year, it’s been wonderful to watch the tarot story unfold for us. Continue reading



1. What calls attention to my [specific chakra/energy center/focal point/circumstance] at this time? MOTHER OF SEAS [reversed] – With this part of myself on low power, it is hard for me to see where I’m going or even trying to go. Moreover, I’m unable to see myself as worthy, capable, confident for what I need to do. My perception is being skewed by what everyone else is thinking of me. Over-reliance on what others see, good and bad, means that I cannot move for myself, acknowledge for myself. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I understand that my solar plexus chakra is my life’s work in as much as it is the heart of my healing practice. I give to others, what do I leave for my own healing?

          2. What do I need to breathe out to unblock the flow of positive energy? LILITH (Power – The Emperor). My birth card always comes through when things are crucial. I’m a bit pained that it showed up in the part of the spread I need to release, but then again there’s always been a side to this card that clearly defined my shadow aspects. Where the rigidity, pride, and stubbornness of The Emperor left me moving from the place of my lowest vibration. She shows up in this spread on her side, not a place of power but more of surrender. I’ve just let things happen to me for too long, but I also need to very carefully evaluate what exactly it is that I need to stop happening to allow for what I want to happen… scratch that, what I need to do to make it happen, this is about strength of will after all.
          3. What do I need to breathe in to encourage the flow of positive energy? MAIDEN OF WIND (CLARITY) [reversed] – This spread is so much about seeing and knowing in a different way. Inverted, the art of Maiden of Wind is all about the fierce golden eagle ancestor guide. What might it mean to see through the eagle and not my just rely on my own aim? Recently, with startling frequency, I’m being asked to look outside of my narrow view and see with the eyes of those wiser, older, ancestor. Not an easy thing with my control issues, but that’s part of the release my birth card came to warn me about.

                        4. What additional guidance is there to invite balance and stability of flow? SEVEN OF FIRE (Courage) – It’s interesting that the image normally found in STRENGTH is showing up instead in this suit. Except here, the lion and the maiden aren’t on the same side. A different kind of strength is called for, it’s courage. I can’t help but feel like the lion and the maiden are the same being, just trying to find their way to evolving up to the Strength card. Confronting inner demons, as it were, inner shadows, facing up and forward. The hardest work but equally the most rewarding.

Haven’t I been here before?


I pulled the 10 of Disks from the Motherpeace Tarot with a question marking my current space in spiritual health. As much as I was the mother giving birth, I am the child being birthed.

We cycle back and forth through our healing, often healing the same spaces over and over. Perhaps it is that we have to peel the hurt and harm back, layer after layer, and it takes a while before we can come back. Sometimes it’s even that we grew back our layers of hurt and harm and yeah, we do the work over.

Not that it’s hopeless. Anyone paying attention to nature shows that it isn’t so. We shed to renew. This and that layer, and our current skin sustains as until it doesn’t, until it no longer serves us and then back to peeling we go. I won’t pretend that at times it isn’t an ugly, disgusting, sometimes even painful process- and the fresh layer is often raw, exposed, but it is our sacred growth cycle.

And when we settle into our skin we are radiant, renewed, and beautiful.

Breathe-Shift-Flow Spread

I once created a spread that checked in with all my energy centers. I still like it, it has its uses- particularly for folks who are generally balanced and just need the light warning or affirmation of the cards.

As I’ve grown in my understanding of how energy and space works, I’ve come to understand that for a massive shift to take place, it has to work within a release/take in dual action. Basic physics, right? Equal and opposite reaction, y’all.

To invite energy, there’s likely something that needs letting go of. It is not natural for us to hold vacuums, more often that not- it’s not so much that our glasses are half-empty or half-full, it’s that they are full of different and sometimes opposing energies.

How might this work?

For instance, if you are in need of attracting something, a particular energy- think not so much about what it is you don’t have, but also consider what you are holding on to that is deflecting what you want, what is it is taking up space better served for what you seek?

It shifts focus, and quite frankly requires more work because suddenly you need to not only bring in, but do the hard work of clean up and release.

Here’s the basic questions for this spread. My favorite thing is it is absolutely easy to modify for different circumstances and this basic structure contains the basic building blocks of how to answer shift inquiries.

You have to breathe out to breathe in again.

1. What calls attention to my [specific chakra/energy center/focal point/circumstance] at this time?

          2. What do I need to breathe out to unblock the flow of positive energy?
          3. What do I need to breathe in to encourage the flow of positive energy?

                        4. What additional guidance is there to invite balance and stability of flow?


post-op tarot meditation day 4

Day 4 into my post-op meditation and retreat and I’m learning a lot about myself and more surprisingly, about others.


Deck: The Tarot of Trees
Spread: Mind – Body – Spirit Spread

Current State of Mind
Ten of Pentacles (Reversed)

A repeated card, this has already shown up for me. I’m in major mind-body depletion right now and in need of rest. Reemphasis acknowledged.

Current State of Body
Ten of Swords (Reversed)

I’m down right now, but this healing process is about to bring about a shift. This was as bad is it was gonna get right now, we can only go up from here.

Current State of Spirit
King of Pentacles (Upright)

An affirmation that actually I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to. Release for pressure to want to do more of this, less of that, my instinct and work around Spirit is legit and at the leveland space it should be at right now.

Suggested Action(s) for Mind
Six of Swords (Reversed)

Refresh my approach, look at my current issues with a new outlook and perspective. I can’t go on the way I’ve been, obviously it partly led to this. So what new plan do I need to put in place? Gotta get that together.

Suggested Action(s) for Body
Eight of Pentacles (Reversed)

Usually this card is about work work work more work better work. That doesn’t feel right here. It’s almost the opposite. Like the worst thing I could do for my body right now is to strain it with more effort. Sounds about right.

Suggested Action(s) for Spirit
Five of Swords (Upright)

LWB says “It can represent your own self-interests and, perhaps, your inability to look out for yourself. Focus on yourself and take care of yourself, especially when suffering a defeat, claiming a narrow victory, or in the midst of a larger battle.” I’m rather inclined to agree right now, especially with the stuff going on in my Spirit spaces.

Possible Outcome for Mind
Knight of Swords (Upright)

Bend but don’t break with the new information. The warning of the Knight in any suit is to not be too rigid in either the light or shadow aspects of the suits’ energies. Here it says, be adaptable and play the board smart and close.

Possible Outcome for Body
Ace of Cups (Upright)

This rest time is about getting to know my body deeply, forging a deeper connection and tending to its ignored and forgotten spaces. Lovely.

Possible Outcome for Spirit
V The Hierophant (Reversed)

I’m so amazed by this deck and the way it continues to be just ON POINT. The backstory to this will remain private but let’s just say this card is deadly accurate regarding my situation and a possible outcome.

Whew. Great spread from the Tarot of Trees app!

9 of Swords: Grief is a Shade of Love

Nine of Swords, this card fell out of my deck rather spectacularly and the whole night I felt like I couldn’t sleep till I posted it. So whoever needs this message, I hope it is well received.


Grief, despair, sadness only passes through release. Allow yourself that good cry, that time to flat out weep-then and only then can you seek true healing, comfort, relief. The Valerian herb also reassure that the comfort is out there, as you release reach out: to spirit, to family, to community, to that place in yourself that holds you best.

Know that grief is a love process.