The Tarot Revolution Will Be Digitized

I’m falling for digital tarot apps. This is something I would never have admitted had a twist of life not forced me to acknowledge my potential tech-witch side. The twist of life happened to be emergency surgery, and ensuing bed rest without access to my tarot cards.

I was doubtful but desperate when I downloaded the Tarot of Trees to my android. It was a deck I’d been thinking of purchasing. I had no idea what it would look like digitally, and I uncharacteristically chose to trust the previews on the app’s page.


Tarot of Trees, screenshot of customized spread from the digital app

I performed my first digital tarot reading in my hospital bed while souped up on some really great painkillers. It was also one of the most on point readings I’d ever done for myself. I did more readings with the deck while laid up and they continued to be on point. Even when I wasn’t reading for myself.

Tarot is an intuitive journey, and there’s no reason the sight of cards on a digital screen would be very different from seeing them on a table. Continue reading

signal boost: Cancer Tarotscopes Are Out!

Much like an astrological forecast in the form of a horoscope, tarotscopes use tarot in conjunction with astrology to give a monthly forecast. This one is special, written by twelve different contributors for maximum perspective.

The tarot forecasts are written by twelve different tarot readers for each sign, assuring a tailored, varied and intuitive voice for each sign’s tale.

The Crab’s season is rising with shift worthy of the Tower card and I could definitely feel that as I wrote the tarotscope for Libra again this month.


Read for your sun, moon, and rising sign and get the full ‘scope here!


Hi, I’m Asali! I’m a Black queer femme earthworker passionate about tarot, tea, and healing work. Schedule a card reading with me for a deeply clarifying intuitive tarot session. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, drop me a line!

Deck Review & Interview: Tarot of Trees

I’ve been pining after this deck for some time and it’s finally in my hands!

Tarot of Trees is a gorgeous indie tarot deck by Dana O’Driscoll that works with tree motifs. It is heavily inspired her path as a druid and her deep connection to trees and their spirit.


Birth Cards: The Emperor; Death

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post-op tarot meditation, contd

The work being done in my body right now is in my sacral and root space. So I thought I’d check in with the foundation.

What is the story of my root space?


The story isn’t necessary a linear one of past, present, and future. Rather these are the energies that enter and have entered and may yet enter this space.

Queen of Cups (Upright)

My intuition comes from my root. To ignore it is to tip the cup over and be left empty. Mother ancestors surround and inhabit this space. To disrespect it to is to disrespect them. These are my strengths, though when shaded can easily become points of weakness.

XV The Devil (Upright)

My root is also where susceptibility to manipulation, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, entrapment and addiction comes from. Which makes sense; when I’m imbalanced at my very foundations, doing what is for my highest good is much harder. Self-sabotage is an all too regular reality to be managed.

Seven of Swords (Reversed)

Indecision and the tendency to withdraw from community is held here as well. In reverse it also feels like here lies the capacity to overcome all these shadows. In my root space is also the story of the times where I’ve moved forward and upwards from the darkness. To hold both the light and the shadow is a gift and a curse. At least it does grant experience and knowledge.

post-op tarot meditation day 4

Day 4 into my post-op meditation and retreat and I’m learning a lot about myself and more surprisingly, about others.


Deck: The Tarot of Trees
Spread: Mind – Body – Spirit Spread

Current State of Mind
Ten of Pentacles (Reversed)

A repeated card, this has already shown up for me. I’m in major mind-body depletion right now and in need of rest. Reemphasis acknowledged.

Current State of Body
Ten of Swords (Reversed)

I’m down right now, but this healing process is about to bring about a shift. This was as bad is it was gonna get right now, we can only go up from here.

Current State of Spirit
King of Pentacles (Upright)

An affirmation that actually I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to. Release for pressure to want to do more of this, less of that, my instinct and work around Spirit is legit and at the leveland space it should be at right now.

Suggested Action(s) for Mind
Six of Swords (Reversed)

Refresh my approach, look at my current issues with a new outlook and perspective. I can’t go on the way I’ve been, obviously it partly led to this. So what new plan do I need to put in place? Gotta get that together.

Suggested Action(s) for Body
Eight of Pentacles (Reversed)

Usually this card is about work work work more work better work. That doesn’t feel right here. It’s almost the opposite. Like the worst thing I could do for my body right now is to strain it with more effort. Sounds about right.

Suggested Action(s) for Spirit
Five of Swords (Upright)

LWB says “It can represent your own self-interests and, perhaps, your inability to look out for yourself. Focus on yourself and take care of yourself, especially when suffering a defeat, claiming a narrow victory, or in the midst of a larger battle.” I’m rather inclined to agree right now, especially with the stuff going on in my Spirit spaces.

Possible Outcome for Mind
Knight of Swords (Upright)

Bend but don’t break with the new information. The warning of the Knight in any suit is to not be too rigid in either the light or shadow aspects of the suits’ energies. Here it says, be adaptable and play the board smart and close.

Possible Outcome for Body
Ace of Cups (Upright)

This rest time is about getting to know my body deeply, forging a deeper connection and tending to its ignored and forgotten spaces. Lovely.

Possible Outcome for Spirit
V The Hierophant (Reversed)

I’m so amazed by this deck and the way it continues to be just ON POINT. The backstory to this will remain private but let’s just say this card is deadly accurate regarding my situation and a possible outcome.

Whew. Great spread from the Tarot of Trees app!

post-op tarot meditation day 3

I’m firmly in the rest and recuperation portion of this journey. Ten of Pentacles reversed warning me not to rock the boat, stay still and refill my cup for real. The snow-covered conifers in reverse look like icicles ready to crash and fall at the slightest vibration.


Ten of Pentacles (reversed) , Tarot of Trees

That’s my challenge for the day; I’ve always had a hard time with enforced or imposed stillness. When I don’t feel like I was offered a choice suddenly I want to do all the things, complete all the task and goals, anything but be still and know.

Here’s to hoping I learn better.

Post-op tarot? There’s an app for that!

Sometimes the universe does not make stillness and self-care an option. For me this came in the form of a serious enough medical condition that I required surgery.

Needless to say, I had never wanted clarity more than then and here I was in the hospital, literally hours from surgery and no tarot or even oracle cards. I also had a ‘Scope to write for Siobhan’s Mirror and again no cards.

What is a tarot reader to do?

Well it’s 2016, and you better believe there’s an app for that.

I even found a deck that’s been on my mind for a while, Tarot of Trees by Dana Driscoll, the app by The Fool’s Dog. [I’ll place links later when I’m not so distracted by pain]

I first drew for the ‘Scope, (Libras look out for that as Pisces is almost upon us) spread and then after the surgery I drew for myself. I wanted to know what I was supposed to pay attention to.


Let me tell you, these cards came through and told me exactly what’s what.

In story board form,  Ten of Wands told me where I was at and what led keep there. Page of Cups told me what I need, rest and refreshment and a serious refill. Ace of Pentacles talking directly to my body saying that this is the sure way to be at full health which will in turn ensure material full health.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect this level of connection with an app. Maybe it’s the deck I used and my love and intuitive understanding of its tree subjects. For $3.99 I have zero complaints, and moreover I’m definitely ordering the physical deck.

I encourage you to try this out-of maybe as a lark, maybe to try a deck before you commit to buy, maybe just because you’re away from your deck and need some guidance.

Go for it and let me know what you think or how it went?

MORE: If you’re looking for the LWB explanation, this app wonderfully gives it to you.  Below is the copy of the text compiled for me:

The Past
Ten of Wands (Reversed)

The Ten of Wands is a card about being burdened and overextended. This card appears when you attempt to do too much, are unable to say “no”, and are taking on more work than you can handle. It also can represent the inability to relax, or being the person dumped upon repeatedly or the one left to clean up the mess. Cut back, lighten your own load, and let others help you. Life will be an uphill struggle for a while, do your best to maintain your strength.

The Present
Page of Cups (Upright)

The Page of Cups is about intimacy, love, emotions, and intuition. Pages send messages. Show your feelings, respond to love, and let your heart be your guide. Learn to love each other and love yourself—forgive, and reach out to others. This card may also be about developing and acting upon your own intuitions and encourages you to trust your heart and your inner voice. If paired with the Page of Wands, this may refer to making children. This card may represent a child, a romantic, or someone who is in touch with their own feelings or intuitions.

The Future
Ace of Pentacles (Upright)

This card represents possibilities concerning fortune, prosperity, and wealth. While success and wealth are likely in your future, they are not going to materialize out of thin air. Hard work and determination are your means to attain success. It is about being practical: work with your strengths, use your common sense, and be realistic about your goals. It is also about trust and security – you can put your faith and trust in your support system, feel protected, and know that you are standing on a firm base. This is a good time to begin projects or enact new plans.