Mercury Rx Guidance Spread ☿

So you wanna survive Mercury in retrograde?

Okay, start laughing.

Seriously, you’re gonna have to start laughing- at yourself, at the world, at the general ridiculousness of how messy everything is. The secret to Mercury Rx is laughter- the ability to bend with the wind rather than break from how unpredictable things seem to be getting (seriously though, I mostly watch comedies during Rx periods).

Of course, laughter and depth are not exclusive. Mercury in retrograde asks you to go deeper- it’s like walking in moonlight day and night. You cannot rely on what you see, you can’t even be sure the path before you is true; you’ve just got to trust the knowledge you already have inside- as one would use the stars to navigate towards true north. And yes, that can be as beautiful as it sounds.

I did my best to combine these two ideas, laughter and depth, in the layout of this spread. Try this spread out with the intention of both being told what you already knew and hold space to be surprised as well. Remember to laugh, even when you feel a twinge when those cards show up- it helps release the tension that could too easily build up. The card positions are phrased both as names for card positions and general guidelines for thriving (yes, thriving) through Mercury in retrograde.


Alright, let’s lay it out:

  1. Message from Mercury the Magician. This is the foundation of this spread- and an intentionally shaky one at that because after all, it’s Mercury Rx. Decide for yourself whether you’ll be pulling this one face up or drawn from the deck as usual.
  2. Connect with this inner truth. Mercury Rx is all about going inward and paying attention to how your intuition manifests externally. You’re assuming that everything in the external world is liable to shift at any time but what won’t shift lies within you. Your truth is the one immutable object in this time. Keep it in sight at all times.
  3. Divert energy from this space. Might not be the time to put 100% of your time and energy here.
  4. Invest energy into this space. This might bear taking a second look at while we work through Mercury’s retrograde.
  5. And here comes the twist! Whether or not you see it coming, you will experience a surprise or two. This, and the next two cards, prepare you for the unexpected, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable.
  6. Deviate from the beaten path. It’s easier to manage chaos if you’re not so comfortable with things as they are. This isn’t all doom and gloom, by the way. This is also the space to have fun. Do something spontaneous and just because!
  7. You’ll need a backup plan. Basic Mercury Rx strategy. In practical terms- are you backing up your files, planning on extra time to get to appointments, feasibly up on all your updates (up to and including car, home, and self-maintenance)?
  8. Just one more thing. There’s always more to learn. This can come up as a warning, blessing, or affirmation.
  9. Your rebirth as The Magician. And here is the real lesson of Mercury in Retrograde. All this season is here for is to move you toward intimate knowledge of the resources around you, and how to harness them as you conjure your magic in this world.

And look out for Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto working their own retrograde magic as well.

Alright off you go. Let’s rock this retrograde season.

Or at least survive it best we can. I won’t lie to you. These first few days have been tough. Venus has been doing me in as my beloved ruling planet. And even with all this, we still have our magic, our truth, and each other.

I trust that absolutely.

New Moon in Aries Breakthrough Spread

We’re tapping into the Ram’s energy as we dive fully into Spring. It’s the blooming time of manifestation and breaking through the toughest of obstacles still left over from winter. In that spirit, I offer up this Breakthrough Spread.


  1. Where is there space for new growth? This position shows you where there may best be time and space to start up something new. Pay attention to this card. What shows up here may give you a hint about whether you should even proceed right now. It’s perfectly alright to take a beat and come back next week or even next month.
  2. What you already have to assist you. We never move into challenges completely helpless. There is always something within us already ready to help us grow forward.
  3. What are you missing in order to proceed? That being said there is always something new to learn- and we may have to learn as we go. This card gives us a heads up for whatever resource that may be.
  4. What may show up as an obstacle? This card illuminates your path to challenges that may pop up.
  5. What may show up as a blessing? This card illuminates your path to gifts that may pop up.
  6. Where is the point of breaking through? You can take this position as one that illuminates either an outcome or a lesson learned.


samhain magic: seeking the knowledge of our bones, the skeleton key tarot spread

If you are particularly sensitive to the turn of the wheel, these past few days might have met you with heightened day dreams, clearer visions and dreams, and lightness of thought that feels like living memory.

(#catparentsidebar – also if you have cats, they’ve been extra cat-weird, stalking the corners and shadows- seen and unseen- of your space even more than usual).

The veil is thin. In many practices and cultures this is the time of ghosts- particularly those whose bones we carry in the physical and mystical, our ancestors. Almost giving us no choice but to tune in is the new moon. New moons are the time of the Crone- who I’ve always associated with my ancestral foremothers who keep wisdom whispering around my ear and root space. This is the time to whisper spells blessed with rosemary, calendula, and elder in divine loving remembrance.

img_20161024_182907Skeleton Key, a meditative tarot tea blend
meeting The Hierophant as ancestral knowledge

That it’s a new moon in Scorpio in the time of Samhain only emphasizes our call to the depths of our ocean floors- down and deep where the treasure and bones of those before though never beyond us are waiting to be unburied. This is the time to unlock the path of The Hierophant- keeper of your bloodline’s knowledge waiting with the skeleton key to your mysteries.


9 was chosen for ancestral connection and Oya who guides our ancestors to their next journey. It is also 3-thrice which makes it a compact spell of pathway and communication with worlds beyond our plane acknowledging that knowledge is a journey through gates of wisdom. The ocean depths image is for Olokun, keeper of mysteries and shadow and guardian of my ancestors bones who found their freedom at the bottom of the ocean.

As you ask these questions, refer them directly to your trusted ancestral guides. All the questions move together, and the ancestors hardly ever move so linearly- so as much as possible, look at the full scope, not just the individual answers to your queries.

1. What do I need to know/remember as I step into my shadow?

2. What should I leave buried in the ocean depths of my shadow?

3. What should I uncover/recover and bring up to the surface?

4. What else should I bring with me to the surface?

5. What obstacle or guidance meets me at the door?

6. How do I best meet it?

7. What ancestral legacy should I be aware of this season?

8. What should I be aware of as I access it?

9. What is potentially unlocked from this work?

Keep in mind that ancestral work is not just meant for Samhain’s season of remembrance. Ancestral knowledge is always accessible to you should you take the time to seek it out and listen. Making it a part of your regular practice will only deepen your connection to your own innate magic- a forecall to your future ancestral self who always guides you– which was theirs and is yours.

What are your support systems? A spread from the Full Moon in Capricorn.

The Full Moons have been hitting me hard lately. This one in Capricorn is vibing with Cancer in a way that transforms its usual concerns for structure into deeper ones about support. What are your support systems? How do you feel supported? Where do you feel most supported? Paying attention to the shadow of those answers as well, because the reality is that for some of us, support is scarce if available. Be gentle with yourself in this work, this is some of the hardest work, acknowledging what is present and what is missing- who is missing. That being said, check in often. I hope this spread can help with that work.

1. You, upright.
2. You, when in need of support.
3, 4, 5. Support System Inventory.
6, 7. Further guidance.


Continue reading

In Suspense: The Hanged Man Spread

Continuing my study with The Hanged Man, I created a tarot spread inspired by the card’s many attributes discussed here.

This is a great spread to work with you when everything feels like a whirlwind, when you are gasping and grasping for a moment of peace- you can create that moment by taking time for yourself to work this spread. The Hanged Man Spread also works well whenever you need to examine your relationship to control, especially when it feels like you are being forced to pour the bulk of your energy to holding on to something or even someone. Continue reading

the snowdrop spread; a spread for emerging growth

The first blooms of spring are calling.

What’s peeking out of your garden?


1. PLANTED. What was planted in the shadow?
2. STIRRING. What stirs beneath ready to emerge?
3. HINDER. Where is blockage to be found?
4. GROWTH. Where is growth to be found?
5. EMERGING. What begins to peek up above ground?


Shadow Solstice Spread

Today, those of us in the north experience the shortest day and the longest night of the year, marking our Winter Solstice. It is a time of shoring up, batting down the hatches, and hiding away to wait for spring. We spend more time indoors, inward, in our deepest circles. As such,  it marks the prime time for shadow work, on a scale greater than that which we do on a new moon.

Here’s a spread I created for just such work. Something to introduce me to what those energies might be, and a spread I can build on as the winter proceeds.


Consider pulling from the Major Arcana for the first position, and let the Minors give you the rest of the cards.

Think about what kind of potential energy you’re gathering, what will you slowly tend to inside before the spring comes, what deep wisdom waits inside for you to discover. For those who know him, what does Olokun call you to pay deep attention to? What lies darkly hidden in the depths of your ocean, buried underneath the sand of the ocean floor?