Look Both Ways, a First Quarter in Cancer Two Card Layout

Mondays are tough enough for most folks without being hit by lunar Cancer feels. Whimper not! It’s neither a full nor a new moon but a first quarter moon.

First quarter moons are all about gaining momentum, grounding deeper into your lunar goal. We’re right in the roll-rush to the full moon and it may seem like everything is picking up speed around us. It’s all good, we should be making headway-

And also check in.

Think of this as a “look both ways before you cross” spread.


It was inspired by Cancer’s push to check in with deep intuition, but I like slinging this simple two card layout on the regular- especially for First Quarters, not just the moon, but First Quarters of projects and other cycles we may be into.

Customize it for yourself: use just one set of words, or combine them all- heck be specific! (for example, What should I be open to giving/receiving creatively?).

Have fun with it, and all the first quarter moon blessings to you!

Full Moon in Virgo Crossings with a Mind the Gap Spread

I welcome this full moon as a bridge from Winter to Spring as we await Ostara. In Virgo, the full moon calls us to take an account of where we are at, and where we want to go. Mixed in with the magic of a Spring sabbat and it’s all about grounding our vision in practical details. We need a plan for where we are going.

In that spirit I offer this Mind the Gap Spread for moving into new spaces with clarity. It’s named for that jump/step we take to get on a bridge leading to the other side.


Few bridges in life are seamlessly connected to either of the shores they connect. There’s almost always a space between shore and bridge- and so it is in life cycles.

What is that space for you? Is it filled with doubt, uncertainty, or is it a thrill of excitement running down your spine as you approach your next destination?

Whatever it is, pay attention to that space. It is giving you a glimpse into what the bridge might hide- a torrent beneath, another path, an abyss…there’s a lesson there too. Particularly as not all bridges are equal, and should you fall it’s always good to know what or where you are falling in to.

As you step into the transition, be mindful of your movements. Those first steps lay the foundation of where you are going. The preparation you do now is absolutely vital. Let the full moon in Virgo’s powered up attention detail lead you in that work.

And as always, keep an eye on your goal and what it really is rather than what it is supposed to be. A lot can happen in transition and you might find that the other side looks very different up close than what it did from afar.

All the best on your magical journey ❤

Life Path Spread

I’m horrible at daily challenges, even when I’m absolutely interested in them. Over The Moon Oracle has a wonderful challenge going on, and this week’s focus is our life’s work. I loved the prompts so much, and Kristen had it organized so well that the daily prompts coalesced perfectly into a spread.

The challenge is meant to be used with her awesome Life Path Cards, but I can definitely see how other tarot and oracle decks would also work- perhaps even a combination of decks where some of these positions are concerned.


Here’s more on the card positions, with quote credit to Kristen indicated in the bolded italics.

  1. LIFE’S WORK – This position gives a bird’s eye view of the path you are on. For those of us using the Life Path Cards she has some excellent prompts for this card pull like What’s at your feet? Is the ground difficult to walk on? What’s directly in front of you? Are you traveling alone or with others? Where are you headed? Based on this path, how long do you think it will take to get there? Are there any obstacles on this path?
  2. OBVIOUS PATH – This position explores our conscious expectations of our path and where see it taking us. “What is the most challenging aspect of this path? What is the most positive aspect of this path?”
  3. HIDDEN PATH – This position explores the unseen aspects of our choice in life path. It reveals what we may have not noticed yet- guidance and warning. Pay attention to the contradictions it has with position 1 & 2. “How is this path different from the Obvious Path? What is the most challenging aspect of this path? What is the most positive aspect of this path?”
  4. FORK IN THE ROAD – Most life paths aren’t ever straightforward and so I thought I’d honor the wisdom given to us when we meet the divergent path. Use these two positions to explore alternatives. They provide guidance, perhaps even illuminate pitfalls.
  5. FORK IN THE ROAD – As above.
  6. ROAD SIGN – Road signs warn, guide, detour, block, notify, and so much more. However this card falls, allow your intuition to decide its function(s).

Deepen this exercise by taking each position and individually exploring them with further card pulls. For example if you get the 10 of Swords as a Road Sign, it might be a good idea to pull two cards to explore that further. The visioning capacity for these prompts are endless!

Now all I have to do is commit to actually working this spread!
And work on getting that Frost poem out of my head.

New Horizons Spread

You are celebrating a new year or a new job or a new season of you- and I’ve got a spread for you!

I created this as I avoided every ‘New Year Spread’ post around the internet- most of them had at least 10 positions and that didn’t feel right for me this time around. So I worked on writing my own spread and I love it best because it’s not just for the new year. This is a spread you can work as you move into any new horizon in your life.



1. What is the prevailing energy of this new season?

2. What energy to clear out?

3. What energy to draw in?

4. Where is the space for growth found?

5. Where is the space for stillness found?

6. What additional wisdom will help guide me?

7. Where can I start today?


Have you done a New Year spread yet? Do you go the full 12+ card throw or are you like me and like to keep it light and malleable? Or maybe you tried this spread for yourself. Drop me a line, I’d love to chat tarot spreads with you!

Explore Your Heartspace, The Two Waters Tea Spread

Use this spread to explore the rich depths of your heartspace. I avoided traditional questions for the positions instead giving you an overview of the intention behind each herb’s position. I invite you to either leave the positions as is, or craft your own question for your cards. Let your heart instinct guide the reading of this spread.

two waters tea.png

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Ceridwen’s Spread

I ran into the Ceridwen’s Cauldron spread from my Druid Oracles tarot app. I fell in love with its construction, based on the goddess’ Ceridwen’s brew, a mixture she prepared to imbue her son with inspiration. The Daughters of the Moon tarot book calls her Keeper of the Cauldron, calling us to be “wise in the use of [our] energy and [our] fire” mastered as she is in the energies of transformation.

(c) The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Ceridwen by Christopher Williams (1910)

I love the weight of intention behind the spread, as the Druid Plant Oracle guidebook shares: “we can imagine her gathering the berries, roots, and leaves for this brew in accordance with the old moon and star lore, linking the movements of vast bodies in the heavens with the flow of sap in the roots of some of the smallest of plants on Earth.”

The spread itself is based on the ingredients in the brew- sea foam, rowan berries, lesser celandine, vervain, and wort- gathered in the shape of a cauldron. I tried it out here for some guidance in my healing work.


Cerridwen’s Spread with Daughters of The Moon Tarot

1. PLACE OF SEA FOAM – TWO OF BLADES offers insight to the surrounding energy
2. PLACE OF VERVAIN – SIX OF CUPS (COMPASSION) – challenge or blockage
3. PLACE OF ROWAN BERRIES – MAATprotection available to invoke
4. PLACE OF LESSER CELANDINE – NINE OF FLAMESinherent joy or pleasure to be found
5. PLACE OF WORT – STRENGTH‘potential for transformation’ or evolution


Breathe-Shift-Flow Spread

I once created a spread that checked in with all my energy centers. I still like it, it has its uses- particularly for folks who are generally balanced and just need the light warning or affirmation of the cards.

As I’ve grown in my understanding of how energy and space works, I’ve come to understand that for a massive shift to take place, it has to work within a release/take in dual action. Basic physics, right? Equal and opposite reaction, y’all.

To invite energy, there’s likely something that needs letting go of. It is not natural for us to hold vacuums, more often that not- it’s not so much that our glasses are half-empty or half-full, it’s that they are full of different and sometimes opposing energies.

How might this work?

For instance, if you are in need of attracting something, a particular energy- think not so much about what it is you don’t have, but also consider what you are holding on to that is deflecting what you want, what is it is taking up space better served for what you seek?

It shifts focus, and quite frankly requires more work because suddenly you need to not only bring in, but do the hard work of clean up and release.

Here’s the basic questions for this spread. My favorite thing is it is absolutely easy to modify for different circumstances and this basic structure contains the basic building blocks of how to answer shift inquiries.

You have to breathe out to breathe in again.

1. What calls attention to my [specific chakra/energy center/focal point/circumstance] at this time?

          2. What do I need to breathe out to unblock the flow of positive energy?
          3. What do I need to breathe in to encourage the flow of positive energy?

                        4. What additional guidance is there to invite balance and stability of flow?