Refined Tarot Reading Offerings in the Shop

I’m always in permanent tinker mode when it comes to my practice. Always trying to figure out how better to serve, present, and create. In my tweak-and-tinker crosshairs over the last week was the readings section of my shop.

It hasn’t changed much- in fact there have really only ever been two major changes. At the outset, I offered readings virtually and the different options were based on timespan. Then I modified the page to specify what kind of reading my client would like with even more options based on particular themes and added email readings and sliding scale. Which was all well and good but it wasn’t really connecting with me anymore.

I worked on the page yesterday, adding options then taking them away, and all it really led me to was what I wanted in the first place anyway. Two easy to understand options that leave space for me to make every reading I do as unique for each client as possible. I also switched to email only for now, with virtual or in-person readings available by request only. I’m also keeping the sliding scale on all my work in the shop. That part’s fundamental to the ethics of my healing practice.

Working it this way takes away any scheduling difficulties and allows me space not just for my other work, but also to take care of other clients in the shop ordering bath, tea, and oil blends. It also reduces confusion and overwhelm for clients visiting the shop (or maybe even trying tarot for the first time) and easily lets everyone know what they’re getting.

So here’s what we got:

Asali Earthwork Tarot & Oracle Readings

energysnapshotThe ENERGY SNAPSHOT is the one for you if you need it served to you straight up no chaser. With this reading we incisively evaluate your query and vision where you are. We look at the elemental concerns of your query, giving light to the mental, emotional, material, and spiritual energy surrounding you in this moment. It’s effective and right to the point.


soul searcherThe SOUL SEARCHER is the one for those moments when you want to go deeper. Your reading is purposefully intricate and designed to be as in-depth as possible, crafted to your particular query and circumstance. Oh, and there will be homework. I always suggest this when receiving your reading, but you will absolutely need tea (or your favored beverage), note-taking tools, and time to reflect.

So come on over y’all. I got all my cards out and ready for you, loves.


Mercury Rx Guidance Spread ☿

So you wanna survive Mercury in retrograde?

Okay, start laughing.

Seriously, you’re gonna have to start laughing- at yourself, at the world, at the general ridiculousness of how messy everything is. The secret to Mercury Rx is laughter- the ability to bend with the wind rather than break from how unpredictable things seem to be getting (seriously though, I mostly watch comedies during Rx periods).

Of course, laughter and depth are not exclusive. Mercury in retrograde asks you to go deeper- it’s like walking in moonlight day and night. You cannot rely on what you see, you can’t even be sure the path before you is true; you’ve just got to trust the knowledge you already have inside- as one would use the stars to navigate towards true north. And yes, that can be as beautiful as it sounds.

I did my best to combine these two ideas, laughter and depth, in the layout of this spread. Try this spread out with the intention of both being told what you already knew and hold space to be surprised as well. Remember to laugh, even when you feel a twinge when those cards show up- it helps release the tension that could too easily build up. The card positions are phrased both as names for card positions and general guidelines for thriving (yes, thriving) through Mercury in retrograde.


Alright, let’s lay it out:

  1. Message from Mercury the Magician. This is the foundation of this spread- and an intentionally shaky one at that because after all, it’s Mercury Rx. Decide for yourself whether you’ll be pulling this one face up or drawn from the deck as usual.
  2. Connect with this inner truth. Mercury Rx is all about going inward and paying attention to how your intuition manifests externally. You’re assuming that everything in the external world is liable to shift at any time but what won’t shift lies within you. Your truth is the one immutable object in this time. Keep it in sight at all times.
  3. Divert energy from this space. Might not be the time to put 100% of your time and energy here.
  4. Invest energy into this space. This might bear taking a second look at while we work through Mercury’s retrograde.
  5. And here comes the twist! Whether or not you see it coming, you will experience a surprise or two. This, and the next two cards, prepare you for the unexpected, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable.
  6. Deviate from the beaten path. It’s easier to manage chaos if you’re not so comfortable with things as they are. This isn’t all doom and gloom, by the way. This is also the space to have fun. Do something spontaneous and just because!
  7. You’ll need a backup plan. Basic Mercury Rx strategy. In practical terms- are you backing up your files, planning on extra time to get to appointments, feasibly up on all your updates (up to and including car, home, and self-maintenance)?
  8. Just one more thing. There’s always more to learn. This can come up as a warning, blessing, or affirmation.
  9. Your rebirth as The Magician. And here is the real lesson of Mercury in Retrograde. All this season is here for is to move you toward intimate knowledge of the resources around you, and how to harness them as you conjure your magic in this world.

And look out for Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto working their own retrograde magic as well.

Alright off you go. Let’s rock this retrograde season.

Or at least survive it best we can. I won’t lie to you. These first few days have been tough. Venus has been doing me in as my beloved ruling planet. And even with all this, we still have our magic, our truth, and each other.

I trust that absolutely.

First Quarter Moon in Cancer Reading

It’s been too long since I posted one of my personal readings on here. I need to get back to doing that more often. Hmmm, maybe one of the other things to release is the pressure to be constantly profound and thoughtful. Maybe I just wanna ramble! Come along for the ride would you? 

Let’s begin again with my First Quarter Moon in Cancer quick reading.


My favorite part about this spread is how straightforward it is.


I love how these two cards interact. In the Two of Blades the challenge is up close and personal- very much concerned with the here and now. The two swordspeople are focused on nothing else but each other- and honestly it seems a bit futile as they are evenly matched. I’ll be happy to release any tendency to get bogged down by the everyday little messes.

In comparison, the Mother of Blades, whose energy I’m asked to invite in, has the full perspective. It’s not about what’s right in front of her, she’s looking ahead to something so far off we can’t see it in the image. Unlike the sword, the arrow is a weapon that requires intense precision and focus. She’s wisened up enough to know that quite often, the everyday challenges really aren’t that big of a deal- some are just distractions that she’s long since learned to move past in favor of looking ahead to what matters.

Eyes on the prize always.
Just have to make sure what that prize is (otherwise what’s the point?!).

New Moon in Aries Breakthrough Spread

We’re tapping into the Ram’s energy as we dive fully into Spring. It’s the blooming time of manifestation and breaking through the toughest of obstacles still left over from winter. In that spirit, I offer up this Breakthrough Spread.


  1. Where is there space for new growth? This position shows you where there may best be time and space to start up something new. Pay attention to this card. What shows up here may give you a hint about whether you should even proceed right now. It’s perfectly alright to take a beat and come back next week or even next month.
  2. What you already have to assist you. We never move into challenges completely helpless. There is always something within us already ready to help us grow forward.
  3. What are you missing in order to proceed? That being said there is always something new to learn- and we may have to learn as we go. This card gives us a heads up for whatever resource that may be.
  4. What may show up as an obstacle? This card illuminates your path to challenges that may pop up.
  5. What may show up as a blessing? This card illuminates your path to gifts that may pop up.
  6. Where is the point of breaking through? You can take this position as one that illuminates either an outcome or a lesson learned.


Full Moon in Virgo Crossings with a Mind the Gap Spread

I welcome this full moon as a bridge from Winter to Spring as we await Ostara. In Virgo, the full moon calls us to take an account of where we are at, and where we want to go. Mixed in with the magic of a Spring sabbat and it’s all about grounding our vision in practical details. We need a plan for where we are going.

In that spirit I offer this Mind the Gap Spread for moving into new spaces with clarity. It’s named for that jump/step we take to get on a bridge leading to the other side.


Few bridges in life are seamlessly connected to either of the shores they connect. There’s almost always a space between shore and bridge- and so it is in life cycles.

What is that space for you? Is it filled with doubt, uncertainty, or is it a thrill of excitement running down your spine as you approach your next destination?

Whatever it is, pay attention to that space. It is giving you a glimpse into what the bridge might hide- a torrent beneath, another path, an abyss…there’s a lesson there too. Particularly as not all bridges are equal, and should you fall it’s always good to know what or where you are falling in to.

As you step into the transition, be mindful of your movements. Those first steps lay the foundation of where you are going. The preparation you do now is absolutely vital. Let the full moon in Virgo’s powered up attention detail lead you in that work.

And as always, keep an eye on your goal and what it really is rather than what it is supposed to be. A lot can happen in transition and you might find that the other side looks very different up close than what it did from afar.

All the best on your magical journey ❤

Tending To Home Base

wp-1484634938906.jpgThe Empress, guided by the Page and Knight of Plumes in reverse from The Wooden Tarot

This week the cards ask that we stay rooted and put into active practice our core truths and praxis.

This feels especially resonant as those on this political side of the world face what is essentially some of the worst that could have happened in an election. Times like these do not always immediately call for diving in headfirst (though we can certainly do that later!). First, we need to deeply search out, illuminate, and put into active practice our core beliefs-

What does it mean to ensure survival and nourishment for all peoples? What does that look like beyond theories and speeches? How do we put into everyday home-base practice our philosophies of healing and activism? We say we support folks who are black, trans, disabled, indigenous, queer, sex-workers, poor, and neurodivergent- however what daily actions can we take to ensure not only that attention is being paid to plight (which can be itself an oppressive narrative when it is all that they are associated with), but that we keep them with us and ensure their everyday survival. What are we already doing that requires amplification?

For our own healing and survival, special attention should be paid to our home spaces- this includes our bodies, living space, community space, as well as relationships to those we consider family.

We tend to already planted seeds this week, and ensure their capacity for growth before taking on anything new.