Weekly Outlook Spread

I’ve been thinking about this spread ever since I saw it used on Seven Card Spread who got it from The Tarot Parlor. It’s a customizable spread that gives an overview of what your week might look like.


A reading rife with Mars in retrograde energy. A time to examine what is already established, what needs shoring up and reevaluating. Not particularly a time to start new projects, but a time to look at current ones and ensure that all is as it should be. My Godmother’s constant warnings to pay attention to wars- or rather that I ensure to be out of wars as much as possible comes to mind. This is a time to draw on cool energy while everything around us burns. The highest vibrations of the orisha Ogun are all but required here- careful planning, grounded movement, and surgical strikes.

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1. What calls attention to my [specific chakra/energy center/focal point/circumstance] at this time? MOTHER OF SEAS [reversed] – With this part of myself on low power, it is hard for me to see where I’m going or even trying to go. Moreover, I’m unable to see myself as worthy, capable, confident for what I need to do. My perception is being skewed by what everyone else is thinking of me. Over-reliance on what others see, good and bad, means that I cannot move for myself, acknowledge for myself. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I understand that my solar plexus chakra is my life’s work in as much as it is the heart of my healing practice. I give to others, what do I leave for my own healing?

          2. What do I need to breathe out to unblock the flow of positive energy? LILITH (Power – The Emperor). My birth card always comes through when things are crucial. I’m a bit pained that it showed up in the part of the spread I need to release, but then again there’s always been a side to this card that clearly defined my shadow aspects. Where the rigidity, pride, and stubbornness of The Emperor left me moving from the place of my lowest vibration. She shows up in this spread on her side, not a place of power but more of surrender. I’ve just let things happen to me for too long, but I also need to very carefully evaluate what exactly it is that I need to stop happening to allow for what I want to happen… scratch that, what I need to do to make it happen, this is about strength of will after all.
          3. What do I need to breathe in to encourage the flow of positive energy? MAIDEN OF WIND (CLARITY) [reversed] – This spread is so much about seeing and knowing in a different way. Inverted, the art of Maiden of Wind is all about the fierce golden eagle ancestor guide. What might it mean to see through the eagle and not my just rely on my own aim? Recently, with startling frequency, I’m being asked to look outside of my narrow view and see with the eyes of those wiser, older, ancestor. Not an easy thing with my control issues, but that’s part of the release my birth card came to warn me about.

                        4. What additional guidance is there to invite balance and stability of flow? SEVEN OF FIRE (Courage) – It’s interesting that the image normally found in STRENGTH is showing up instead in this suit. Except here, the lion and the maiden aren’t on the same side. A different kind of strength is called for, it’s courage. I can’t help but feel like the lion and the maiden are the same being, just trying to find their way to evolving up to the Strength card. Confronting inner demons, as it were, inner shadows, facing up and forward. The hardest work but equally the most rewarding.

Haven’t I been here before?


I pulled the 10 of Disks from the Motherpeace Tarot with a question marking my current space in spiritual health. As much as I was the mother giving birth, I am the child being birthed.

We cycle back and forth through our healing, often healing the same spaces over and over. Perhaps it is that we have to peel the hurt and harm back, layer after layer, and it takes a while before we can come back. Sometimes it’s even that we grew back our layers of hurt and harm and yeah, we do the work over.

Not that it’s hopeless. Anyone paying attention to nature shows that it isn’t so. We shed to renew. This and that layer, and our current skin sustains as until it doesn’t, until it no longer serves us and then back to peeling we go. I won’t pretend that at times it isn’t an ugly, disgusting, sometimes even painful process- and the fresh layer is often raw, exposed, but it is our sacred growth cycle.

And when we settle into our skin we are radiant, renewed, and beautiful.

post-op tarot meditation day 3

I’m firmly in the rest and recuperation portion of this journey. Ten of Pentacles reversed warning me not to rock the boat, stay still and refill my cup for real. The snow-covered conifers in reverse look like icicles ready to crash and fall at the slightest vibration.


Ten of Pentacles (reversed) , Tarot of Trees

That’s my challenge for the day; I’ve always had a hard time with enforced or imposed stillness. When I don’t feel like I was offered a choice suddenly I want to do all the things, complete all the task and goals, anything but be still and know.

Here’s to hoping I learn better.

Engaging the Celtic Cross

Okay, so my least favorite spread has to be the Celtic Cross. Sacrilege, I know. I guess part of the reason I’m so averse to it is the fact that it is so popular and so sought.

On what to consult the CC for, I’ve had both sides- specific questions or a general map of where you’re at in the moment and where you might go. Personally, I won’t do more than one CC a month. I just don’t think that the bounty of information given shifts circumstances in a couple of days or weeks. I like it for a once in a moon check in, maybe even once a quarter. I also never ask a specific question beyond something to the effect of, “Okay, so tell me about where I’m at and where I’m going in the next 30 days or so”. Sacrilege, again, I know. I just prefer to save my specific questions for just about any other spread but this one. Mostly because I feel that the traditional keys for the spread are too specific to look for more than is already given and I don’t want to miss anything out of a tunnel vision approach.

Anyway, that’s my spiel, here’s my reading:

wpid-20150714_001542-1.jpgI used the Wooden Tarot because it is a deck that I go to for

  1. PRESENT: THREE OF STONES/WANDS – I’m intuiting a balanced foresight, this is a card that has me looking into my future, looking for what is next. It is also reading as a card of inaction, which while not necessarily a bad thing I’m just looking into the horizon and wondering what steps to take next. Which can be an indication it’s about time to get myself moving.
  2. CROSSES/CHALLENGES: TEN OF BONES/PENTACLES – A preoccupation with achievement and success, with being established in a position or place, which makes sense considering the next card.
  3. PAST: THE HIEROPHANT – I’ve just graduated, and have lost the sense of structure and stability that environment provided despite its various stresses. I’m looking to get to the next stable stage of my life, perhaps too fast as life doesn’t always work that way. Moreover, it’s been indicated that my journey suddenly won’t.
  4. FUTURE: KNIGHT OF STONES/WANDS – Perhaps a suggestion that impulsive and creative decisions/steps will be necessary for what’s coming. I’m leaving for a trip this week that will be absolutely beneficiary to me particularly regarding all the things the wands suit is associated with- energy, vitality, fire, creativity- I made the decision to go on this trip jumping in without seeing how far the bottom was- and while this particular trip might not necessarily relate to this card, it’s an example of what energy I might need to flow in. Hmm, maybe I’ll draw for this trip with the Knight of Wands as a focus and see what I might look out for.
  5. GOALS: FOUR OF PLUMES/SWORDS – Gaining perspective; an affirmation of my vision.
  6. SUBCONSCIOUS/DESIRES/UNDERLYING INFLUENCES: THE HIGH PRIESTESS – I’m really enjoying the stillness I’m in right now even if at the back of my mind is obligation and responsibility nagging at me. On the flip side, achieving the kind of balance and wisdom indicated by The High Priestess is my constant desire. To understand myself, gain trust in my intuition and to be completely comfortable in my own skin. Four of Swords is evident in this card too. This CC spread is really flowing here today.
  7. ADVICE/RECOMMENDATION/APPROACH: THE DEVIL – Obsession: bad. Got it. Easy to hear this message, harder to let things go. This is an ongoing theme for me.
  8. ENVIRONMENT/EXTERNAL INFLUENCES: FIVE OF STONES/WANDS – Well I need to remove myself from these circumstances STAT. It is true, there is a lot of discord and dissonance around me right now. Some of it my own mess, some of it others, and the rest out of my control. I’m also experiencing setbacks and letting these derail me is not the answer.
  9. HOPES/FEARS: QUEEN OF STONES/WANDS – To be one day self-assured, balanced in my natural power, and energetic in my work. A surety of self.
  10. OUTCOME/RESULTS: KNIGHT OF BONES/PENTACLES – Which is interesting as the outcome is Knight of Pentacles, which gives me vibes of being too stuck in particular ways. A bit too dogged. Perhaps a warning that the flip side of the knight, the more careful, tireless aspect is needed to realign this outcome into more of a Queen of Wands energy? While also retaining fire, and an ability to allow flexibility.

Hmm. Definitely a spread to meditate on some more.

Tens Across the Board

There is very little that sends me running from my tarot spread like the Ten of Swords and the Ten of Wands. So imagine how I felt when I drew and got not one but both Tens.


card layout & order: (3. clarification) (1. one card draw) (2. clarification)

Unfortunately, I left the spread where it was without much meditation went about my day like it hadn’t happen. Just, nope! Not thinking about it. That was sometime last week. If there is one thing I’ve learned about Spirit is that what was meant to be said will be said again and again if the need is urgent enough. So looking to do a daily draw tonight, and purposely using the Mythical Goddess Tarot because I wanted a deck infused with love and clarity, I laid out my spread. Then I just had to laugh and go make some more chamomile-lavender tea because you know what, FML.


card order & layout: (3) (1) (2)

What I did appreciate was the difference in the tone of the message here. It was less “get your shit together as of yesterday!” and more “okay, so it’s a bit rough going but here’s the plan”. Which honestly, when you’re in a down sort of place, you’re more likely to listen to.

#1: What am I seeking/working towards?
Power – Lilith (4 – The Emperor) –
one of my birth cards

#2: What will I require to achieve this goal?
Balance (2 of Swords)

#3: What is blocking me right now from this path?
Self-Destruction (10 of Wands)

An understanding reading that also invites my own understanding. This I can deal with. One of these days I’ll go a whole month without pulling these two Tens for myself. One of these days. After a lot of work and healing. One of these days.