deck interview: Slow Holler Tarot

Meeting the Slow Holler Tarot has been quite a ride. This deck is already metaphorically cracking my ribs open a bit so I felt it would behoove me to cast a deck interview spread to explore our working relationship. The words in italics are from the Slow Holler LWB.


deck interview with the Slow Holler Tarot

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THE FOOL {Meditative Tarot Tea}

wp-1470786557269.jpgCard is The Fool from The Wooden Tarot ©Andy Swartz.

Deep breath, then take the leap forward. After all, what awaits you is the rest of your journey. The Fool’s blend takes that jump with you as you leap towards your next adventure and begin your cycle anew.

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looking back. looking forward.

So the one good thing we have going for us as teachers (besides the fulfillment of raising up young minds, yada yada yada) is summer break. We are guaranteed a good two months off  work during peak holiday season. Anyway, my first year teaching high school just came to a close and it’s been a hell of a  ride. On a whim, newly downloaded tarot app in phone, I pulled a spread asking about the energies around my work life now that I’m finally coming to a pause. I still a bit stunned at the accuracy.


Past, Present, Future spread from The Golden Thread Tarot app

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deck interview: Madam Clara Sees All Tarot


Clear, to the point, objective if sometimes a bit too plain. Which makes sense considering this is a deck that comes with the meanings right on the cards. Its messages are practical, and it will do none of the intuitive work for me- that will be on me. It will likely be great for daily  draws. There’s an overarching warning here though, I can’t be too tied to the fact that the meaning of the cards- or at least one of the meanings- is typed up right on the face of the cards. My own intuition is still my best resource when trying to understand the messages I’ve been given.

Free Writing Prompt: The Fool

Free writing as a form of self-care to release the mind from stress. One prompt. Some time carved out. No edits for coherency. Just write. This is me trying to be brave about it and hitting publish instead of keeping the words to myself.

She knew she was in a dream. The same way she knew that the dream held a power that wouldn’t stay contained within the unbounds of unconsciousness. She raised her left hand, her right on her heart and felt the wind gather around her fingers, dance and caress, with a firm gentle touch that suddenly turn gale force. She yanked her hand back to her body, afraid.


The sun rose over the mountains in the distance, and illogically she could feel its heat as if it were southern summer afternoon sun right above her. It warmed her, gradually removing the chill from the fear of the sudden wind and leaving her warm, safe. She closed her eyes, let its warmth get down to her bones, deep in her gut, down to her toes, the top of her head, she was warm. Then she was hot, and before long she was burning inside. She couldn’t take a moment to breathe the heat engulfed her so completely. It was as if the sun had come forward to embrace her, no respecting of the fact that she was just skin and bones, nothing against the majesty of its flame. With a half shout half gasp she breathed out and forced her eyes open and it was as if the sun raced back to just above the mountains- steady and distantly warm. She could still recall the suffocating heat, and that fear again, with that exhilaration again.


She looked over at the landscape. She wasn’t alone anymore. Various animals had approached her position. A peacock lounged in the grass, a cat twined about her legs, a fox watched her in the distance, an owl in a tree not too far in front of her, the various fish suddenly visible in the river in front of her. All came to witness. She shivered.


She looked down at her toes- and where on earth were her shoes? Earth. She spread her toes, digging into the earth beneath them. The grass tickling her, the more she dug the more rooted she felt. She widened her stance, almost tripped by the cat incessantly moving in between her legs. Bouncing slightly, tipping on her toes and back on her heels, and on her toes then heels, forth and back, forth and back, down into the warm damp earth she sank. She was sinking. That fear again. She opened her eyes, not even realizing when she’d closed them. She wasn’t sinking, the earth was still beneath her, the grass, the dirt, the worm disturbed by her rooting toes. She smiled. There was no reason for fear, this was home. She’d always been home here, barefoot in the dirt, connected to-. She could never complete that sentence. There, that exhilaration again.


The water was easy. She needed to clean off her feet, clear off the sweat from the burning, soothe her wind-whipped skin in moisture. She stepped forward and into the water. The water wasn’t easy, and no matter how deep she went, it stayed at ankle level. She could see the fish, gold and blue and green and black scales reflecting light under the water. They were deep, but no matter where she went, riverbed came up to meet her. Frustrated she sank down and sat in the water. Sparing a thought to hope that whatever fish had been in that spot had swam away at the displacement, she stretched her legs out in front of her. The water barely covered them. There was no fear. She didn’t understand. Sighing, frustration building, she lay back, body fully stretched out. The water reached her ears, barely. As it flowed it would float up to cover them and float down to rush past her. Each time her ears were fully covered she imagined she could hear whispers, wet secrets swirling around her, about her. No fear. No exhilaration.

She would beat the water at its game. She turned herself over, face down in the riverbed. She opened her eyes and her mouth to tell it so and drowned.


The Fool, Motherpeace Tarot

A New Hope for the Sagittarius New Moon

My wonderful Godsister was in town this past weekend and we got a chance to sit with the new moon in Sagittarius. It was an incredible powerful night and the energy soared. We did a beautiful mirror reading for the moon using the spread below.


It worked wonderfully and the messages received were so timely.


Seven of Flames (Victory) – The Victory is mine whether or not there’s people to see me take it. Stop worrying that people do not see me. Furthermore, it’s another request for stillness. There’s a lot of movement, specifically racing, in this card, and even though it’s done in joy it doesn’t serve me right now.

Three of Blades (Focus) – Stillness in balance. There is a process. I am guided, I have help and are watched over. My magic is still alive in this stillness. Maferefun Eshu at the crossroads.

Seven of Cups (Jealousy) – I’m not forget the abundance when yearning for so much else that is not at this moment for my highest good. I must be careful, particularly as I hold it in my womb. Also I must be weary of energy being pulled from me as well and to be guarded from those who might take from me that way. This particularly I’ve received a warning about before.

One of Pentacles (Nu Kwa) – Abundance comes, welcome the new beginnings. Maferefun Obatala! Maferefun Orisha!

The Dreamer (The Fool) – I must come to the water and give all that I don’t need. Take in what I need, my highest good, drink in ancestral knowledge. Another affirmation of the dreamwork I’m doing.

Maat (Justice) – Completely unsubtle message of find BALANCE. Be still, baby.

The Teacher – Pulled from the Black Angel Cards, as that is what my Godsister was reading from (she pulled from one of my Daughter of the Moon cards for this card position). Ancestral wisdom. Be still and watch myself go. I am also on my way to growing as a teacher, an example, a mover, a learner, a healer already. Rethinking how movement is possible while still remaining rooted.

This was a beautiful reading, I give thanks.

Healing in the Brackish Waters

This full moon in Pisces, Yemaya & Oshun called me to the brackish waters, where river meets ocean, where the separation of the two waters is proven false. What is to be found at this union of saltwater and freshwater? What is released and taken in. Brackish waters get a bad rap… but there’s healing to be found there too!

source: river meets the ocean

This reading is dedicated to these two mothers who hold me close at the union of this full circle supermoon.

Even before I begin, the Queen of Stones (Wands) jumps out to oversee the proceedings.




wpid-20150829_231823.jpg1. Things to let go of:
THE FOOL: the ultimate jump and let go card shows up to salute me in my coming new journey. She carries a lotus sack, which to me tells of an open heart. I’m comforted by that image despite the rather striking serpent waiting for the mouse. But hey, there’s every chance she jumps far enough to miss the serpent entirely.

2. Things to keep:
KING OF BLOOMS: Yeye O! Oshun’s capacity for highest and transformative love is my first instinct. Mirrored by Yemaya’s second showing in this spread in the Queen of Blooms (please note that I don’t hold to the Queen/King hierarchy when I draw these connections; Oshun & Yemaya are sisters who share quite a bit- meeting at the brackish waters).

3. Things yet to come
KING OF STONES: Another King/Queen mirror, the Queen of Stones had already jumped in the mix. Come through Pisces Moon! Fruition of creativity, peak creation and vitality. I love it. This is also a very Oshun energy for me. I’m loving this spread already.

4. How the world affects you
THE HERMIT (reverse): Oh dear, it draws me outside of myself, and pulls me from center. Gotta watch this. This echoes a message I received just yesterday. Upside down, the hibernating bear looks buried instead of cradled. There’s something to that.

5. What to give
QUEEN OF BLOOMS: I need to sit with what Yemaya is asking of me to release/share some more. I hear share a lot though. A giving of myself- in balance… not so much that I forget to nurture and self-mother. The part of me that is a teacher, for self and others. Also in alignment for my new journey.

6. What to receive
THREE OF BONES (reverse): Oh, the Bones suit in this deck can be such a struggle sometimes with how bare it is in comparison to all the others. In consideration of the more traditional meanings, there’s something here about breaking off and treading a new path on my own for a while. That lower bone leaving the other two with the little mushrooms (that look like little houses) bloomed on it. There’s a reason that the only other imbalance comes from The Hermit in reverse. Which rather practically matches where I’m at, leaving found family to go off to a city where I’ll be on my own.

7. What to learn
SIX OF PLUMES: Release what no longer serves you at the brackish waters, and sail off (in whatever direction, to river or ocean) to a new beginning.