deck interview: Slow Holler Tarot

Meeting the Slow Holler Tarot has been quite a ride. This deck is already metaphorically cracking my ribs open a bit so I felt it would behoove me to cast a deck interview spread to explore our working relationship. The words in italics are from the Slow Holler LWB.


deck interview with the Slow Holler Tarot

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In Suspense: The Hanged Man Spread

Continuing my study with The Hanged Man, I created a tarot spread inspired by the card’s many attributes discussed here.

This is a great spread to work with you when everything feels like a whirlwind, when you are gasping and grasping for a moment of peace- you can create that moment by taking time for yourself to work this spread. The Hanged Man Spread also works well whenever you need to examine your relationship to control, especially when it feels like you are being forced to pour the bulk of your energy to holding on to something or even someone. Continue reading

card study: The Hanged Man

I’m studying with tarot’s own yogi, The Hanged Man for the summer. Looking at the different ways artists have portrayed these stage in The Fool’s Journey. Key 12 has much to teach, if we ever find stillness long enough to know it.

I pulled The Hanged Man from my decks to observe and study with them. The differences and similarities were illuminating, opening up The Hanged Man to me in ways I’d not paid attention to before.

1. The Eye of the Storm


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be still and know

As I write this, I’ve just come back from a yoga class that challenged me more than that one time I was silly enough to go to an intermediate vinyasa class after more than two of years of not practicing. I’m no yogi, so please bear with me as I try to explain.

The class was called ‘yin yoga’, meant to help us practice being in our bodies while stretching out connective tissue that is often ignored or held too taut throughout our week. Our teacher took us through multiple poses, each of them held for around three to five minutes, which doesn’t sound like much until you have to face down each second in the same stretch.

A practice of stillness, our teacher said, introducing the practice to new students in the class. It was at those words that I wanted to run out of the studio, and had to will myself to stay seated.


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looking back. looking forward.

So the one good thing we have going for us as teachers (besides the fulfillment of raising up young minds, yada yada yada) is summer break. We are guaranteed a good two months off  work during peak holiday season. Anyway, my first year teaching high school just came to a close and it’s been a hell of a  ride. On a whim, newly downloaded tarot app in phone, I pulled a spread asking about the energies around my work life now that I’m finally coming to a pause. I still a bit stunned at the accuracy.


Past, Present, Future spread from The Golden Thread Tarot app

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