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I couldn’t find a title for this post; I could hardly find the rest of these words.

I’m working through some assigned shadow work that would require me to face some trauma I’d put aside. To say I’m procrastinating would be an understatement. I’m avoiding. Hard. I don’t see a way through this- at least not one that doesn’t result in my disappointment, hurt, and frustration that I’d even bothered. At the same time, the possibility of success, of surviving this trial promises a deeper connection to parts of myself and my roots that I’ve always felt a blockage around.

Of course, my cards served it up to me straight no chaser. I drew an Occasional Oracle for my network and drew the Crow from the Winged Enchantment Oracle. It’s ancestral knowledge seeking. It’s all about the dive deep into the shadow and getting out of our own damn way. 

I hesitantly explored this card further and drew from the Stretch Tarot.  The figure in the Four of Cups looks inward and only sees the dark, the Five of Swords. Their back is turned away from the promise in the Ace of Cups– the reason they began this journey in the first place. Of course, when I say they I really mean me. And perhaps you, if you’ve also have a hard time engaging shadow work that requires so much peeling away of tightly placed bandages and exposing the wound beneath.

I wish us both the best of luck.

on the road

I’m out of town for work!

A prospect about which I’m half and half about most times. The cons being the work (if it’s boring meetings) and the actual traveling part- I hate driving, flying, really any kind of thing that moves me from place to place over long distances- and the pros being I love the very mini-vacation it offers- a chance to not be at home, spend time in a comped room, and have food delivered, etc. In any case, I always travel with the necessities: change of clothes, toiletries, snacks, and of course tarot (and tea if I’ve been very good and prepped early enough to blend myself some loose leaf for the trip).

I try to look for a new easy to work spread to try out in new spaces and this time I landed on one from Tarot for Business, a general SWOT analysis spread to reflect on my time and energy while I’m here (at least the work part). Just something quick to give me a little guidance and heighten the interest level on a business trip.


reading from The Stretch Tarot, I love the reworking of the 6 of Wands

This reading took me the long way winding round but I choose to be game for the ride and look forward to watching it unfold. Continue reading

Facing Forward

I want to come back to my practice of posting tarot readings for myself onto the blog. I needed to step away from posting my readings online for a while so that I could come back to the heart of my tarot practice. It was needed, absolutely necessary, and my return to tarot journaling in private has moved me to a deeper understanding of the cards. I feel ready to come back to my blog in this way- for at least for some of my readings. This particular reading feels like a step forward, and kinda perfect for returning to this medium of journaling.

As for you, my dearest readers, know that the messages in the cards aren’t just for me. I believe in the magic of serendipity. That what we run into, what comes before us was meant to happen. If you feel, see, or hear a message in cards I pulled for myself, please trust that I pulled them for you as well. I trust that connection, and hope you’ll be open to it as well. Continue reading

Deck Review: The Stretch Tarot

Here is a deck I’ve been waiting on for sometime, even contemplated it for my Tarot of the QTPOC series. The Stretch Tarot is a ‘mixed-media’ collage tarot deck by the artist and creator J.E. Stretch. The imagery is drawn from vintage photographs and art pulled together to evoke images representative of the tarot.

“The history of the tarot is shrouded in as much mystery as the symbolism of the cards themselves holds to the layman. Yet we all share the same image – a Victorian fortune-teller, fanning the cards in the low, orange haze of gas lamps and candlelight in a dingy parlour. In ‘The Stretch Tarot’, this stereotype is embraced and heightened through the use of public domain, 19th-20th century photography and illustrations – bringing you the ‘authentic’ atmosphere of the tarot and making this mystic fantasy an exciting reality.” – J.E. Stretch


My birth cards, not the most impressive cards in the deck but quite beautiful nonetheless

Continue reading

Tentative Squee: The Stretch Tarot

Oh I’m sure you’ve seen this deck making the indie tarot rounds. It’s a pretty cool concept. Victorian age inspired mixed media tarot deck. Who wouldn’t be intrigued?

My first look-see around google didn’t do much for me except deplete me of intrigue. Frankly, the deck was very white and very cis and very heteronormative- aka 90% of what’s out there right now, even in the indie domain. However, it showed up again and after some nudging I took a look back and went to the deck’s Kickstarter page (it’s doing pretty well).

The artist made a point of noting that they were made aware of the lack of diversity, which I appreciated.

 In response to feedback, ‘The Stretch Tarot’ evolved into a diverse deck, working to including people of colour and remove the traditional boundaries of gender, specifically in the court cards. Despite their ‘vintage’ appearance, the cards are designed to combine the old and new in a way that reflects the modern reader and our current world. The tarot has endured for centuries due to its ability to adapt to circumstance and context; ‘The Stretch Tarot’ is no exception to this.

The good thing about it is, they listened! Now just how much they listened, I’m not sure. The video for the Kickstarter is not encouraging, but it may be from the older version. Here are some of the new cards that were added, depicting queer and poc folx. I sincerely hope these aren’t the only ones, because these are lovely.