Empress in Taurus @ LRT

I had the pleasure of submitting another post to LRT. Working through tarot, spiritual practice, and mental health. It’s a post that previously appeared here but I got a chance to expand on.


A slow and gradual shift. As much time as I need, and all the love I want. Intentional, practical, and most importantly forgiving.

I pulled The Wooden Tarot’s Empress face up to use as a focal point of meditation with the cards. I chose her for promise of abundance, for promise of growing, for promise of wisdom and sacred memory, for promise of loving, for promise of grounded and earth-deep understanding she lives and inspires. For promise, when in a depressive low swing, can feel very far from reach if not outright impossible.

More over at Little Red Tarot!

Meditative Tarot Tea: Seeker of Cups


Page of Blooms (Cups) from The Wooden Tarot

A desire to feel deeper, trust oneself with more confidence.

The Seeker of Cups tea blend is full of fresh floral promise, guiding you to quiet excitement for your own journey as gentle as the first spring flowers blooming.

Created to celebrate Ostara and welcome the Spring!

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Seeker of Cups Meditative Tarot Tea

Meditative Tarot Tea: Seeker of Pentacles


Page of Bones (Pentacles) from The Wooden Tarot

You are fast moving, quick to act, ready for the next adventure- and also remember to stay grounded, think through your actions, and take that next leap forward with understanding.

A tea blend handcrafted to work with your forward spirit but also helps you stay grounded even as you plan your next adventure.

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Seeker of Pentacles Meditative Tarot Tea

New Moon Reading, deep breath and fall

It’s taken me a while to get to this reading that was actually pulled during the New Moon. The New Moon in Pisces that was also caught up in eclipse and thunderstorm energy in my neck of the world. If I hadn’t been working tarot with a co-healer sister, I’d have fallen on my apartment floor and not lifted my head for the rest of the night. I felt the night left me bare, open, raw, and exposed.

So when I pulled these cards, my very first instinct was to run away and never return. I wonder, do roman numerals have some numerology theory associated with them? All the cards I pulled from The Wooden Tarot was a VI/IV variation. Gotta research that.


However, as I settled with the reading, and asked for help, I realized that I was being comforted. Even as I felt like the birds in the bottom two cards, in controlled and free fall all at once, someone was waiting to catch me. As I breathed in and out and reconsidered, the Six of Bones became less threatening and more like an ancestor’s hand reaching out to break my fall, or perhaps even guide it. I was being asked to remember the value of surrender and trust, of closing my eyes and looking inward for peace even as chaos rules my outward.

me, in reverse and other birth card notes

I came home from work, sat by my cards, and turned over the card that called me.


My birth card in reverse.

I’ve learned to observe this as a heads up from the universe that I need to slow down and realign. Or I’m going to get slowed down and realigned.

Pay close attention when your birth card shows up. Often there’s a very particular message to be acknowledged.

I’m not kidding, last time my birth card showed up in reverse it was in a reading warning me I was overextended. Stubborn as can be, I changed nothing about my energy expenditure. I was in hospital the next week and laid up in sickbed for two more.

Of course, it will not always be so dire, but in reverse it is a strong heads up to examine the parts of your life your reading referenced!

Upright, your birth card, depending on the reading’s context, calls attention to an aspect of yourself to pay attention to, maybe even a potential victory.

Dream Journey: day 1 TEMPERANCE


Committed to a dream journey with my sister yesterday. Made beautiful tea and slept with the blessed amethyst underneath my pillow.

The dream was a bit vague while also being specific, so just to make sure I asked my woodentarot deck.  Sure enough they responded with Temperance – maintain balance whatever the situation, wherever the current leads, you make your own way and have the power to both create and move obstacles.



This couldn’t have been clearer if I’d gotten a note that said “GO!” Hey, when it’s time to move on to the next, it’s time to move on!