some time with the sea goat’s hermit moon

Blessings this New Moon in Capricorn!

New Moons for me have always been The Hermit’s domain. It’s the perfect time to seek out the shadow- not always for work, we need rest too. It is in the shadow that we learn to tend to our light and know better how to preserve it for ourselves and our community’s sustenance. With Mercury Rx in full force, the New Moon call for reflection only intensifies.


New Moon in Capricorn reading: Three of Wands, The Hermit, and Two of Swords from Tarot of Trees

This New Moon in Capricorn you and I are looking to ourselves.

This is the long filling inhale before the jump off the cliff into 2017. For so many this had been a solar turn of tumult and uncertainty. We’ve been pushed, pulled, killed, hurt, torn apart, and still we are here. You are here. And our ancestors passed on are here with us. The infinity of the cycle can feel overwhelming- and sometimes make it a burden to always strive for the long view.

The New Moon provides space to heal from overwhelm. She allows us to sit with ourselves, cradled in the warm tangible darkness of our shadow, and rest. We can always return here for our protection. This is the space that cannot be breached.

Mercury in Rx New Moon in Virgo w/ the Night Vale Tarot

The Welcome to Night Vale Tarot is definitely the deck to enter Mercury Rx in eclipse season with. It’s weird, it’s funky, and nothing makes sense yet it is exactly what you need to see and listen well to.


We open up with a ‘hey, what’s up hello?’ from the trickster king of Mercury Rx himself, Eshu. In the tradition of Ifa, the orisha Eshu or Ellegua sits at the crossroads, his colors are red and black, and it just so happens that his number is three. One of Eshu’s favorite things to do is play jokes that make you laugh (usually at yourself) and tell you the truth. It rarely ever feels awesome in the moment but when you look back, he is the one behind that slow self-deprecating smile that admits there was a point to it all. Mercury Rx in a nutshell.

This not-quite-mad maestro specializes in being able to hear the harmony in the cacophony. In this iteration in the Three of Wands, a fire burns behind his head (that he probably started) but he’s not looking at it. He’s looking at you. So what’s your plan? How are you gonna adapt? Continue reading

Be Still & Know

First reading with this deck, and it’s pretty in line with everything I learned about it in the deck interview. I’ve had a series of occurences and happenings this week that have basically felt like the universe saying, fuck the world, stay home and chill. Unfortunately little things like, work and school don’t really listen to all of that self-care stuff.

To which the universe responded with, how about a severe cold to lay you out?

Did that not work? How about you lock your keys in your car?

You still feeling up and about? How about you leave your wallet at home so all errands suddenly become irrelevant and mildly criminal  a la driving with no ID?

You still acting brand new, huh? How about I set an important appointment that requires you to wait through a couple of other things that you wanted to do?

You still wanna go? Your appointment fell through, but it may happen tomorrow, maybe… how about you have to stay home and wait to find out?

Needless to say I’m staying in bed this weekend, and all food will be delivered to me.

Especially when the reading comes through like this.


[[You have too much going on mentally, that’s probably where your headache is coming from, you can’t see where your going like this. Breathe, open your eyes and trust your intuition. Look at the whole perspective, feel supported when that gut-deep knowledge comes. That’s when you’ll move in the energy of wisdom again.]]

Engaging the Celtic Cross

Okay, so my least favorite spread has to be the Celtic Cross. Sacrilege, I know. I guess part of the reason I’m so averse to it is the fact that it is so popular and so sought.

On what to consult the CC for, I’ve had both sides- specific questions or a general map of where you’re at in the moment and where you might go. Personally, I won’t do more than one CC a month. I just don’t think that the bounty of information given shifts circumstances in a couple of days or weeks. I like it for a once in a moon check in, maybe even once a quarter. I also never ask a specific question beyond something to the effect of, “Okay, so tell me about where I’m at and where I’m going in the next 30 days or so”. Sacrilege, again, I know. I just prefer to save my specific questions for just about any other spread but this one. Mostly because I feel that the traditional keys for the spread are too specific to look for more than is already given and I don’t want to miss anything out of a tunnel vision approach.

Anyway, that’s my spiel, here’s my reading:

wpid-20150714_001542-1.jpgI used the Wooden Tarot because it is a deck that I go to for

  1. PRESENT: THREE OF STONES/WANDS – I’m intuiting a balanced foresight, this is a card that has me looking into my future, looking for what is next. It is also reading as a card of inaction, which while not necessarily a bad thing I’m just looking into the horizon and wondering what steps to take next. Which can be an indication it’s about time to get myself moving.
  2. CROSSES/CHALLENGES: TEN OF BONES/PENTACLES – A preoccupation with achievement and success, with being established in a position or place, which makes sense considering the next card.
  3. PAST: THE HIEROPHANT – I’ve just graduated, and have lost the sense of structure and stability that environment provided despite its various stresses. I’m looking to get to the next stable stage of my life, perhaps too fast as life doesn’t always work that way. Moreover, it’s been indicated that my journey suddenly won’t.
  4. FUTURE: KNIGHT OF STONES/WANDS – Perhaps a suggestion that impulsive and creative decisions/steps will be necessary for what’s coming. I’m leaving for a trip this week that will be absolutely beneficiary to me particularly regarding all the things the wands suit is associated with- energy, vitality, fire, creativity- I made the decision to go on this trip jumping in without seeing how far the bottom was- and while this particular trip might not necessarily relate to this card, it’s an example of what energy I might need to flow in. Hmm, maybe I’ll draw for this trip with the Knight of Wands as a focus and see what I might look out for.
  5. GOALS: FOUR OF PLUMES/SWORDS – Gaining perspective; an affirmation of my vision.
  6. SUBCONSCIOUS/DESIRES/UNDERLYING INFLUENCES: THE HIGH PRIESTESS – I’m really enjoying the stillness I’m in right now even if at the back of my mind is obligation and responsibility nagging at me. On the flip side, achieving the kind of balance and wisdom indicated by The High Priestess is my constant desire. To understand myself, gain trust in my intuition and to be completely comfortable in my own skin. Four of Swords is evident in this card too. This CC spread is really flowing here today.
  7. ADVICE/RECOMMENDATION/APPROACH: THE DEVIL – Obsession: bad. Got it. Easy to hear this message, harder to let things go. This is an ongoing theme for me.
  8. ENVIRONMENT/EXTERNAL INFLUENCES: FIVE OF STONES/WANDS – Well I need to remove myself from these circumstances STAT. It is true, there is a lot of discord and dissonance around me right now. Some of it my own mess, some of it others, and the rest out of my control. I’m also experiencing setbacks and letting these derail me is not the answer.
  9. HOPES/FEARS: QUEEN OF STONES/WANDS – To be one day self-assured, balanced in my natural power, and energetic in my work. A surety of self.
  10. OUTCOME/RESULTS: KNIGHT OF BONES/PENTACLES – Which is interesting as the outcome is Knight of Pentacles, which gives me vibes of being too stuck in particular ways. A bit too dogged. Perhaps a warning that the flip side of the knight, the more careful, tireless aspect is needed to realign this outcome into more of a Queen of Wands energy? While also retaining fire, and an ability to allow flexibility.

Hmm. Definitely a spread to meditate on some more.

Deck Interview: Experiencing Wonderland w/ The Wooden Tarot

I just received The Wooden Tarot and it is quite lovely with just a hint of intimidation. Decided to make the first reading an interview with the deck.

This should be interesting.

wpid-20150628_000734-1-1.jpgFirst impressions: not a single Major Arcana card, which feels significant for some reason. Lots of cards in shadow, and the STONES (Wands) suit seems to weigh heavily on this spread, which indicates concerns of an energetic, passionate and creative nature.

1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
SIX OF BLOOMS (CUPS) – alright then! I’m intuiting that this is a deck of memory- in that past experiences and a connection with my inner self will be important moving forward. It’s also reassuring, that despite its surreal nature, it is full of good intention should I choose to recognize it as such.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
QUEEN OF PLUMES (SWORDS) [reverse] – okay, art like the one on this card is why I treated myself to this deck. It’s reverse position tells me that this is a deck of heart space, not particularly grounded in solid reality. Which makes sense with the overall imagery and energy of this deck. The crescent moons are at the top of this card indicating a creativity and opening up of space. I’m looking forward to see how this manifests itself as a strength.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
THREE OF STONES (WANDS) – not a deck of foresight. Got it. This will not be a deck that I ask about future scenarios, it’s wispy wily nature would probably doom me if I did, or at least miss important signals. I sense it’ll be good for unlocking current energies and evaluating where I’m at in a particular moment. Good for internal work.

4. What are you here to teach me?
EIGHT OF STONES (WANDS) [reverse] – here to teach me how to move with the energy of this suit, which its reverse position indicates I tend to resist. It encourages flexibility and quick creative action where I may be feeling like slowing down or getting to grounded.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
TEN OF STONES (WANDS) [reverse] – must resist the urge to ask too much of it; I feel like its a warning to accept the messages for what they are and not seek endless clarification once a spread is given. Weighing myself down as I move with this deck won’t work. (Seems all my decks continue to ask me to learn how to let shit go!)

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
THREE OF BLOOMS (CUPS) – the first card I could read straight from the art without checking my knowledge of the cards. Creative fruition, an ability to move with necessary flexibility, a growth of self (perhaps learning release, finally).

What an interesting conversation. Whirlwind of an experience this will be. I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Deck Interview: In Love with the Mythical Goddess Tarot

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is my very first deck. I was immediately drawn to its emphasis on engaging the divine feminine as well as the beautiful art that I could see myself in. It’s a beautiful deck, I’m happy to be in conversation with it.

wpid-20150618_190436.jpgNOTE: This deck shifts its elemental interpretations of the suits and the correspondence is not always direct but serves the purpose of the deck.
1.Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
ACE OF SEAS (ECSTA-SEA) – concurrent with what I’ve felt from this deck and is why I always store this deck with rose quartz. She brings love, asks me to remember to move in love’s energy as I work with her. A reminder to maintain the work in my heart space that ensures I remain open and clear and full of light.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?
THE FOOL (UZUME) – her non-comformity and free flowing feminine spirit are her main attractions and strengths. She reminds me to approach my journey with her as an energetic dance of light and joy in order to encourage love in all aspects of my being.

3. What are your limits as a deck?
THREE OF FIRE (DELIGHT) – but the delight that comes from release of all the things I carry is a work I must do for myself. She can only give direction, I must walk the path to this freedom on my own.

4. What are you here to teach me?
FIVE OF WIND (FEAR) – the little white book says, “Name your fears and meet them…”. Love is strangled by fear; my challenge is release.

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
CHARIOT (ATHENA) – to achieve the mastery evoked by Athena, a goddess of war and of wisdom, I must work in balance.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
FOUR OF FIRE (COMPLETION) – a promise that this work will allow the release of negativity, release of what no longer serves me in order to move into the next space of my journey.

I love this deck so much!