Itchy Throat Easing Tea

Beloved readers, you and I are going to get through this cold together. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

I’m starting to suspect something a little stronger than a common cold- a sinus infection perhaps with the way my eyes, cheekbones, and teeth ache. I also woke up with an itchy throat which is usually a heads up that a cough is coming at me soon.

I hate coughs. More than the incessant runny nose, I absolutely hate coughs. I had respiratory issues as a child so non-stop coughing is far too familiar and I do my best to avoid it when possible. The painful sore throat and aching ribs are my cold & flu nightmare. So of course, I reached for my herb cabinet and so far so good, this little infusion recipe is keeping the cough at bay. Continue reading

Immune Boost Tea to Get Through Cold & Flu Season

Educators of the world unite! And drink lots of tea and other vitamin c rich drinks. Whether you’re a teacher, tutor, instructional aide, professor, teaching assistant, principal, or counselor you are familiar with how much of a petri dish educational institutions can be. I’ve caught a cold twice now- of different varieties each time and I’m sick of it. Sick of being sick, I’ve decided to make an infusion that should at least help keep me protected (along with other dietary additions and changes) and help me along with my current illness.

First things first, if you have the flu (and you’ll know when you have it, trust me) go get help. I’m all about natural medicine and I’m also aware that flus can quickly become dangerous, especially for the young and old.

If you have a cold, you’ve got a bit more leeway as the remedies for that are generally lots of rest, water, and vitamins. Oh and here’s a tea recipe to help move that along! Continue reading

first quarter in virgo, a waxing moon guidance

Summer has given me space to sit with myself in a deeper way than I’d ever been able to before the summer. I’ve been able to tuck in and work more diligently through my Lunar Apothecary course and revitalize a practice of sitting intentionally with the moon as she moves through her cycle. She is in the First Quarter phase this weekend, half-lit in meticulous Virgo as she waxes into fullness.

Now is not the time to look to the destination but your steps in the journey. The First Quarter in Virgo brings with her the energy of attention to detail. Pay special attention to your work energy space at this time. This is a perfect time to pay attention to how you plan to implement your goals- all that sometimes dull minutia that nevertheless makes all the difference in the end.

The waxing moon calls up persistence, helping you move through the new and challenging by activating your own inner strength of will. I think of the 9 of Wands energy reinforced by The Chariot. Meditate on the ways The Chariot guides you through the 9 of Wands’ call to task. If you’ve been floundering, now is the perfect time to root back into your power.


Honoring the journey, The Wanderer meets Athena – Daughters of the Moon Tarot and Mythical Goddess Tarot

Continue reading

Reinforcement Tea Blend

More and more, I’m feeling a particular need to ensure my core power centers- root, sacral, and solar spaces- are protected and clear. So I whipped a blend up to shore my foundations up.

Enjoy it yourself by mixing:

  • Rosemary – protection, clearing, grounding
  • Dandelion Root – release, detox, grounding
  • Holy Basil – bolstering, calming, reassuring, purifying, promotes well-being
  • Thyme – encouraging (emphasis on the courage), clearing,
  • Calendula – soothing, heals old wounds, protection, clearing, warming

Healing Summer Refreshment: Berry Herb Juice

Herbal teas are absolutely amazing. They restore, heal, and refresh. Tea can get old though, and as I find it impossible to have anything other than hot tea (with the exception of hibiscus), it can get especially old in the summer. I have a great way around this. A refreshing herb and fruit juice.


Decide for yourself what your combination will be for herbs and fruit, according to your health, needs, and wants. For myself I chose:-

-Berries (antioxidants)
-Thyme (boosts mood and energy)
-Rosemary (protective and cleansing)
-Lavender (sweetening and soothing)

1. Boil some water for tea and steep the herbs.

2. Run your fruit through your juicer or blender, depending if you want a juice or more of a smoothie consistency.

3. Pour the herb tea, filtered, into a pitcher of the juice/smoothie, mix well.

Chill & Enjoy!!