Tarot of the QTPOC

Getting straight to it, this is a list of tarot decks that are inclusive- specifically connecting with queer, trans, and people of color. I begun this as a record for myself and it’s grown into something for I’d like for the larger tarot community to be aware of.

As I come across inclusive decks I plan to highlight them in my Tarot of the QTPOC Series. I’ve included tarot decks in my list that, at least by my subjective view, include at least one of these identities without being tokenizing. I also note that these are all specifically tarot decks, intentionally leaving out oracle decks for the purposes of this list aggregation.

Unfortunately, not all the decks have fully QTPOC representation. The tarot unicorn award would go to decks that include queer and/or trans people of color in as many facets of our magical selves as possible- across ability, gender, sexuality, socioeconomics, ages, etc. Decks I believe meet this requirement are italicized and bolded.

I am always taking recommendations, especially for new and forthcoming decks that need support!

Decks Forthcoming & Works In Progress:

Decks Released & Published:

31 thoughts on “Tarot of the QTPOC

  1. Stas says:

    The Tarot Illuminati has a non-binary Temperance card. I don’t know about queer, but the Devil card looks a bit like a multisexual poly BDSM scene. That might just be me looking at it with queer goggles, though.

    Also, the Renaissance Tarot has queer figures on the Sun and Moon cards, and their Temperance is non-binary as well.

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  2. TeileDesGanzen says:

    While the World Spirit Tarot still slants heterosexual, it has some notable cards that are easily and deliberately read as queer and/or trans: Lovers, Two of Cups, Eight of Coins, Temperance (plus lots of ambiguously-enough-gendered people and/or unusual gender relations in other cards) to make it work as a queer-inclusive deck for me.

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    • Asali says:

      Thank you! I’ll definitely consider that! Also the World Spirit tarot is on my list to purchase as well.

      I do have a hard time with ambiguity. A lot of the times I wonder if that isn’t just as much as a disservice- the downside of that argument, of course, is that what counts as visible queerness or transness without being objectifying and fetishizing. It’s one of the reasons the main disclaimer at the top of this post is that this is a subjective list.


  3. LaVita Ru says:

    Thank you for sharing this list. I own a metaphysical shop in the Houston area and am always looking for decks to add to the collection for sales to local community. Are you aware of a way I may require some or all of these decks in bulk for a wholesale price ? Also, I am the creator of the little red one signature divination deck. It is actually a mixture of Oracle and Tarot, are easy to use and includes 58 beautiful, contemporary, hand-illustrated cards reflexive of the Pan African diaspora. I would love for you to check them out. http://lavitaru.wixsite.com/lavitaru/the-little-red-one-shop

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  4. LaVita Ru says:

    I apologize for the typos. My phone used auto correct and change the word deck πŸ™‚ in my previous comment. If you don’t mind can you please edit this for me question mark thank you so much. LaVita Ru.

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    • Asali says:

      Thank you!! It’s a bit hard for me to know all about all tarot decks so I definitely appreciate you adding that knowledge πŸ™‚

      (speaks to the ether: and everyone can too btw!)


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